Benefits of Aspect Oriented Programming

Benefit of Aspect Oriented Programming

  1. Aspect Oriented Programming helps overcome system level coding i.e. Logging, Transaction or Security management problem by centralizing these cross-cutting concerns.
  2. Aspect Oriented Programming addresses each aspect separately in a modular fashion with minimal coupling and duplication of code. This modular approach also promotes code reuse by using a business logic concern with a separate logger aspect.
  3. Make easier to add newer functionality’s by adding new aspects and weaving rules and subsequently regenerating the final code. This ability to add newer functionality as separate aspects enable application designers to delay or defer some design decisions without the dilemma of over designing the application.
  4. Rapid development of evolutionary prototypes using OOP by focusing only on the business logic by omitting cross-cutting concerns such as security, transaction, logging etc. Once the prototype is accepted, additional concerns like security, logging, auditing etc can be weaved into the prototype code to transfer it into a production standard application. 
  5. Developers can concentrate on one aspect at a time rather than having to think simultaneously about business logic, security, logging, performance, multithread safety etc. Different aspects can be developed by different developers based on their key strengths.