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    Download Android SDK/ADT

    ADT Bundle Download The Android ADT provides you access to the API libraries and development tools necessary to build, test, and debug any application developed on Android. If you are new to Android development, and unaware and don’t wanna do lengthy setup of android SDK then I will recommend you to download the ADT Bundle to quickly starting the android application developing. It includes the essential Android SDK components and a version of the Eclipse IDE with built-in ADT (Android Developer Tools) to streamline your Android app development. DOWNLOAD ANDROID ADT Bundle With a single download of ATD, you will have the access to below tools you will need to begin developing…

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    Setting UP Android Environment

    Installing the Android Development kit Download ADT, which stands for Android Development Kit, ADT Bundle provides everything you need to start developing apps, including the Android SDK tools and a version of the Eclipse IDE with built-in ADT (Android Developer Tools) to streamline your Android app development.If you didn’t yet downloaded the ADT bundle, Please use download the Eclipse ADT bundle, or switch to the Android Studio install or stand-alone SDK Tools install instructions. To set up the ADT Bundle: UnZIP the ZIP file named as adt-bundle-<os_platform>.zip as a downloaded ADT bundle and save it to an appropriate location, like “Development” directory. Open the adt-bundle-<os_platform>/eclipse/ directory and launch Eclipse. Warning!!! Please don’t change the SDK folder, which may lead to…

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    Getting Started with Android Development

    Welcome to my blog with which I will try to help you for Android application development. Here you’ll find sets of lessons that describe how to accomplish a specific task with some simple and easy to follow samples and you can re-use in your app with out any hesitation. I organised the whose samples and classes into several groups you can find the top-level of the left navigation. This first article will help you the bare essentials for Android application development. If you’re a new Android app developer, you should complete each of these classes in order: Setting UP Android Environment: After the decision of making and learning the android development/programming this will…

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