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    Download Tomcat 7.X

    Download for Tomcat 7 is now available, You can download the Tomcat 7 at Tomcat Apache site @ http://tomcat.apache.org/download-70.cgi.

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    VMware to Offer Cloud Development Environment

    VMware plans to offer a hosted development environment that should ease the deployment of applications to cloud environments, the company announced Tuesday. “We put a lot of thought into how to help Java developers get to cloud computing,” said Rod Johnson, who is senior vice president and general manager of VMware’s SpringSource product division. The offering will not be available until 2011, though the company is demonstrating a prototype of the service at the SpringOne G2X developer conference Tuesday in Chicago. The free service, which Johnson calls “a deployment portal” will “provide the missing link between the IDE [integrated developer environment] on the desktop and cloud deployments,” he said. Today,…

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    Double digit pay hikes for technicals

    Now season started for the getting the appraisal and everyone is looking for good hike this time, after a long recession and salary cuts before, its time to get salary hike.Moreover, Employers are also looking for to pay good hike this year for Techy guys. The surge in demand for IT globally and rising customer confidence have substantially increased the demand for people. A quick check done found that average increments would be in the 12-15 %. People have specialized areas, like the products or expertise in some specifications, are expected to get up to 20% or many more. Technical guys have hit the jackpot and can attain the best…

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    Community just released Tomcat 7.0.10

    Tomcat 7 introduced a number of new features as well as enhancements to existing features, Rather than just list the new features, this article will identify the most notable Tomcat 7.0.10 features and enhancements, The features are categorized as either “New Tomcat 7 Features:” or “Tomcat 7 Enhancements: ” as follows: New Tomcat 7 Features: 1. Working with “NONCE” to prevent cross-site request forgery attacks.2. Changing the jsessionid on authentication to prevent session fixation attacks.3. Memory leaks detection and prevention for performance and security upgradation.4. Use of aliases to store static content outside the war file Tomcat 7 Enhancements: 5. Asynchronous logging 6. Easier to embed Tomcat in your applications,…

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