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    Learn Daily used Unix Command

    Access Controlexit – terminate a shell (see “man sh” or “man csh”)logout – sign off; end session (C shell and bash shell only;)passwd – change login passwordrlogin – log in remotely to another UNIX systemssh – secure shellslogin – secure version of rloginyppasswd – change login password in yellow pages Communicationsmail – send and receive mailmesg – permit or deny terminal messages and talk requestspine – send and receive mail talk – talk to another logged-in userwrite – write to another logged-in user Programming Toolsas – assembler, specific to each machine architectureawk – pattern scanning and processing languagebc – online calculatorcc – C compiler csh – C shell command interpreterdbx…

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    Interview Questions on Unix Commands

    Latest Interview Questions asked by MNC’s, Be prepared for it answer: Which command is used to delete all files in the current directory and all its sub-directories? What is the difference between cat and more command? What is the use of the “tee”? What is the difference between “Grep” and “find”? How Concatenate two string in Unix?

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