Community just released Tomcat 7.0.10

Tomcat 7 introduced a number of new features as well as enhancements to existing features, Rather than just list the new features, this article will identify the most notable Tomcat 7.0.10 features and enhancements,

The features are categorized as either “New Tomcat 7 Features:” or “Tomcat 7 Enhancements: ” as follows:

New Tomcat 7 Features:

1. Working with “NONCE” to prevent cross-site request forgery attacks.
2. Changing the jsessionid on authentication to prevent session fixation attacks.
3. Memory leaks detection and prevention for performance and security upgradation.
4. Use of aliases to store static content outside the war file

Tomcat 7 Enhancements:

5. Asynchronous logging
6. Easier to embed Tomcat in your applications, e.g. in JBoss
7. Servlet 3.0, JSP 2.2 and JSP-EL 2.2 support

Bhanu Pratap