Core Java Undestanding

Core Java has to do with the basic package of Java objects that are typically used for general desktop applications. These objects come in the ‘Standard Edition’ of Java
Advanced Java could actually refer to any advanced topic having to do with Java programming– and there are many.
The other packages that you will typically see being referred to in opposition to Core Java are Enterprise Java and Micro Edition. Enterprise Java is largely business and network oriented, and Micro Edition is what is typically used for hand-held devices.
The diffrence is that core java is the fundamental for java that will be used in any java technology without this no one can jump on any advance java technology.
Where as advance java is specialisation in some domain, such as networking, web, DCOM or database handling.
And more over core java packages are always started with “java”…..
where as advance java are always with “javax”
Core Java uses the console for Input and output i.e – DOS Prompt

Advanced Java is more on the GUI side with a Window,Buttons,Frames,TitleBar,etc.
and is used to create more client-server based applications and applets.