Design Patterns

What we do when we met with a problem in daily life, we used to search for solution to resolve it. and forget or make it available in our mind so that whenever we will get this error, we just search our mind and provide the solution, this we used to do in daily life.

Now what will happen in case anyone else come up with the same problem may be your friend or anyone to whom you know, but you are not available to him/her, he/she will go the way of process as you gone through, when you got the problem at first time. Here your friend have wasted the time again, so to minimizing the time from recurring problems, documenting the solution is called DESIGN PATTERN.

Why we need Design Patterns? Do we really need it. Yes to decrease time on solving recurring problem.

Following are the three categorization of Design Patterns

Creational Patterns: It provide solution to problem of objects create rather than having you instantiate objects directly. Which provide your application flexibility to create objects for application in given scenario.

Structural Patterns help you compose groups of objects into larger structures, such as complex user interfaces or accounting data.

Behavioral Patterns help you define the communication between objects in your system and how the flow is controlled in a complex program.

Creational Patterns

  1. Abstract Factory
  2. Builder
  3. Factory Method
  4. Prototype
  5. Singleton

Structural Patterns 

  1. Adapter
  2. Bridge
  3. Composite
  4. Decorator
  5. Façade
  6. Flyweight
  7. Proxy

Behavioral Patterns

  1. Chain of Responsibility
  2. Command
  3. Interpreter
  4. Iterator
  5. Mediator
  6. Memento
  7. Observer
  8. State
  9. Strategy
  10. Template Method
  11.  Visitor

J2EE Patterns

  1. MVC
  2. Business Delegate
  3. Composite Entity
  4. Data Access Object
  5. Front Controller
  6. Intercepting Filter
  7. Service Locator
  8. Transfer Object

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