Getting Started with Android Development

Welcome to my blog with which I will try to help you for Android application development. Here you’ll find sets of lessons that describe how to accomplish a specific task with some simple and easy to follow samples and you can re-use in your app with out any hesitation. I organised the whose samples and classes into several groups you can find the top-level of the left navigation.
This first article will help you the bare essentials for Android application development. If you’re a new Android app developer, you should complete each of these classes in order:
Setting UP Android Environment: After the decision of making and learning the android development/programming this will be the first step to learn that how to setting up the development environment.
What are basics of Android development: This is the first building block of android development, what is activity, intent.
Building your first Android Application: After you’ve installed the Android SDK, start with this class to learn the basics about Android app development.