Spring first time Configuration and set up IDE

We have divided Spring Configuration in below steps so please be sure these are available before jumping into Spring Example or Spring Application to work:

  1. JDK 5+
  2. Eclipse Setup.
  3. Spring 3.0 Download
  4. common-logging download
  5. Create Project and add lib in Eclipse

JDK 5+, Spring 3.0 is based upon JDK 5, so it will require to have JDK 5 or after version to build an Spring Application. if you don’t have JDK, please download it from here.
Check Java Version by java -version

Eclipse Setup, Download the eclipse at http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/

Common-logging download, Spring use common logging for making logs so please download it from http://commons.apache.org/downloads/download_logging.cgi, else you will get an error like below:
Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/logging/LogFactory
So please incorporate this jar in adding to project as below.

Spring 3.0 Download, Download  spring-framework-3.0.0.RELEASE-with-docs.zip at http://www.springsource.org/download, Extract the zip files as you would like:

Extracted Spring download /dist folder

 Create Project and add lib in Eclipse, Now create the project in eclipse by right click in Package Explorer and create a Java project;

Now click on Finish in the popup, Now create folder by right click(Project “tekhnologia”) >> New >> Folder;

Copy and paste all jars, into your lib folder created above:

  1. Common-Logging Jars,
  2. Spring 3.0 jars

Click Finish. Now again right click(Project “tekhnologia”) >> Properties >> Java Build Path >> Libraries >> click on Add JAR button,;

and after click Ok, screen will look like below;

Now Click Ok so that all lib files get set as java build path in project and finally screen will look like below;

Now your Spring is configure and you can use to for developing Spring Application. In case you are try to integrate it with Web Application, please use the project reference of this project in workspace with your web application .project file or you can use JAR architecture. its always a good idea to seperate your java component with web component in your application.

Please click here to learn spring with example.

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