Unsensitive Country Club!!!

If you are planning ta have membership from country club or any other competitor, so request you to please read below:

One of my friend have been cheated by sales person of Country Club, Some where he filled a coupon of country club and next day he got a call stating “You have been selected from 1000 coupon filler for 6N/7D Nights holiday anywhere in India or Abroad”, Yes it is one of the trap to catch customer.

Have a look how Country club sales persons make fool:

  1. You have been selected from 1000 coupon filler for 6N/7D Nights holiday anywhere in India or Abroad.
  2. You have to go there office to get the offer with your spouse, so that if you don’t come in trap then your spouse can be trapped.
  3. Then they will explain you another offer with statement that this is only valid for today and you have to decide it today, and propose the offer in such a way that all the good things will be presented and all the terms and conditions will they try to hide, and even they try you to not read these terms, since there are so many terms with which you will not think about the Country Club. Here My friend caught  in their trap and sign the document without reading.
Membership fee is non-refundable which they don’t return to you back in case you will ask they will deny , now you can’t do and you are helpless, offer they made doesn’t have all what sales person commit.

Moreover, When you go for weekends all their resorts are from third party, they ask for bugs when you checkout from there. so there is nothing free which sales person commit.  When you go for their club membership they will charge you amount of joining which country club sales persons used to hide 

So I would suggest you to be aware of sales person commitments since most of their commitments are false, Please search for their services before going or buying for country club membership.

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