What is Globalforward and Forward in Struts?

A Struts forward is an object that is returned by an action and has two fields: a name and a path. The path indicates where a request is to be forwarded and it is available to all actions.

Difference between Forward and global forward
A forward can be local (for specific action) or global (available to any action).

A forward can be global or local. A global forward is defined in a struts-config.xml file and redirect to a specified JSP page. A local forward is defined in a struts-config.xml file in an action mapping and is invoked when the action is invoked.

Example for Global Forward
  <forward   name=”logoff”               path=”/Applogoff.do”/>
  <forward   name=”logon”                path=”/Applogon.jsp”/>
  <forward   name=”success”              path=”/Applogin.jsp”/>

Example for Forward


<action path=”/changePassword” type=”com.bhanuapp.app.security.changePassword” attribute=”changePassword” scope=”request” validate=”true”>
  <forward name=”failure” path=”/passwordError.jsp”/> 
       <forward name=”success” path=”/changePassword.jsp”/>