Why to use Design Patterns?

While Designing or building different applications, you continiousally face similar problems. This may lead you to find a new solution for the same problem each time you got it. To overcome and save time and effort it is always better to make documented or make repository for the solution of similar type of problem, a repository have proven solution to a recurring problem will save time, effort which is always a key factor for any development.

So solution for such a repository is replaced as Design Pattern. Design pattern are usually a collection for solution for recurring problems faced by developer/architects. Design pattern provide the proven solution of recurring problems.

A design pattern is a solution to a recurring problem in software creation or maintenance, and should be used in a right manner, its really important to use right pattern at right problem area to get better result from your application, not opting a right pattern for a solution may lead your application in a big trouble, so beaware of opting a pattern for a problem.

There are several areas design pattern can be applied to simplify the development and architecture, it basically used to standardization of coding.

Benefits of Design Pattern

  1. Building Scalable, extensible, and reusable application.
  2. Save time to analyse the best possible solution.
  3. Standardization of coding.